LimboThe LimbO for Bathing and Showering

The LimbO is our standard durable waterproof protector, designed to keep your plaster or dressing dry while bathing or showering.
Available in both adults and child sizes.
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OutcastOutcast Outdoor Weather Protection For Casts & Dressings

Outdoor weather protection for plaster casts and dressings enables you to get on with enjoying life.
Available in both arm and leg versions for adults, arm version only for children.

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SealskinzSealskinz Waterproof Sock

The Sealskinz is a comfortable and breathable waterproof sock designed to let your child make the most of the outdoors.
Waterproof from below the sock cuff.
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Toe Cozy

The Toe Cozy is a high quality, durable fleece material that fits over open toes on your plastercast. It provides a solution to the age old problem that is simple and effective.
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