Child Safety Week

May 29th, 2018

As we approach the summer and the weather is improving, our kids are spending more time outside and enjoying the light evenings. And who can blame them? It’s great for children to get out and spend time with their friends in the summer months. But, inevitably, this means there are hazards around that could potentially cause an injury.

Child Safety Week takes place between 4th and 10th June and is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of the risks that children face. They provide resources to help parents and teachers run activities to promote these very important safety messages.

Here are some ways to make sure kids stay safe while they’re out and about this summer.


On your bike!

Cycling is great for keeping fit. It’s also a popular activity for parents, as it is cheap and flexible – once a bike has been purchased, children can go out whenever the weather (or parents!) will permit. Wearing a cycle helmet is an essential part of cycle safety.  A brightly coloured and reflective item of clothing helps road users see children if they’re near roads.


Child’s play!

Most toys are very safe if you follow the instructions provided. Reputable, high-street stores will only sell items that meet the required safety standards and will be able to help with any queries. Pay attention to the safety symbols on packaging – these will help identity toys that aren’t suitable for children under a certain age, often due to small or moving parts.


Cool down

In the warmer weather, it’s hardly surprising that children are often drawn to water, whether it’s a garden pond or a swimming pool. It’s important that young children are always supervised around water, even if it is very shallow. Older children can learn about choosing safe places to go for a dip, such as local pools with lifeguards, or only in places where there are adults around to supervise.


Check out the CAPT website for more tips on how to keep children safe, and make sure you get out there and enjoy your summer safely!