Focusing on kids safety at home

May 1st, 2020

Apart from those children of key workers who have been going into school, most kids have spent the last little while at home. It is a challenging time for everyone, but keeping kids safe at home is just another challenge for parents who are already overstretched! It is unclear at the moment when schools will be re-opening, but we do know that half-term is due to happen at the end of the month and then the summer holidays are on the horizon!


With all that time at home, here is some helpful advice to keep children fit, healthy and happy over the next few months.


Technology safe

It’s no wonder that we turn to tablets and smartphones to keep our little ones entertained. But there are potential dangers in using them too much.


A recent poll revealed that 15% of children using smartphones had suffered an injury while using them, for example, by walking out into roads without looking.


One way to prevent accidents is to establish strict times when both parents and children can use their mobile devices. This frees up quality family time where you can bond more and do other activities, whether structured games or lessons indoors, or just playing around in the garden.


Ready, steady, cook!

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen is a great way of keeping them busy, as long as you can make sure they remain safe, so don’t be afraid to show them how to bake delicious treats! We’ve got plenty of baking ideas on our blog.


Children love the chance to get involved and see the process of making food – and obviously enjoy eating it at the end too! Just remember never to leave them unattended in the kitchen while you’re cooking and take extra-special care when using knives or other sharp implements that could cause injuries.


The great outdoors

As the temperatures heat up, most kids will want to be outside, even those who are partial to lots of screen time!


To avoid ending up in a cast, be extra vigilant around activities like trampolining. Install a safety net around the perimeter of the trampoline to stop any over-zealous bouncing!


Don’t let having a plaster cast keep you or your children from enjoying the outdoors. Our range of products also includes Sealskinz waterproof protectors for children – sandproof and waterproof, they’re perfect for playing in the garden.