Fun Garden Games for Children With a Cast.

June 15th, 2017

A combination of light nights with warmer weather and little ones with plenty of energy to burn means parents are in definite need of outdoor activities to maintain everyone’s sanity levels.

However, it just takes one dodgy somersault on the trampoline to make the upcoming summer months potentially more difficult to enjoy.  A nurse we met on a recent visit to A&E told us that if she had a pound for every arm broken on a trampoline, she’d have enough money to buy her own trampoline.  We think her money would be better spent on something practical like a LimbO… but then, we would say that wouldn’t we!?

Whatever the age, size, or limb we have a LimbO Waterproof Protector that will perfectly cover a cast to keep to keep it safe and dry in the shower or bath. Just click what kind of LimbO you need on our homepage and we’ll guide you through selecting the right one.

As well as offering effective waterproof coverings for casts and dressings, we thought it might also be helpful if we gave you suggestions for a few fun outdoor games for children with a cast to enjoy:

1. Set up a hoop toss or target, grab a few bean bags and start keeping score

Encourage children to use their injury-free arm to throw bean bags at the target and see how practice makes perfect. This is also great for anyone with a broken leg as they can sit down to throw. It will also stop people cheating and edging closer to the target if everyone has to sit on the same chair to take their turn!


2. Water pistol target

This is another good one for a broken leg as children can sit down to concentrate on perfecting their aim. Just stand some mini figures in a line then let your child blast them with a torrent of water until they fall over! Maybe pop a LimbO over their cast to keep it dry, just in case things get out of hand…


3. Seated table tennis/badminton

This one might be frustrating if you have to keep standing up to retrieve your ball or shuttlecock, so before you start we suggest enlisting the help of a ball boy/girl!


4.Chalk drawing

Fancy a bit of peace and quiet and you’re not too fussed about having a multi-coloured patio? Then give your child a box of chunky chalks and let them get to work! You never know what artistic talents you may discover… Don’t worry if your slabs don’t end up looking like a masterpiece, a spot of rain will soon restore your patio to its former self.


5. Bubble popping

This is every child’s favourite no matter how old they are! How many can they pop in 10 seconds? Can they catch one? Can they let one land on their arm? Hours of fun without any risk of bubble-related injuries!


So, whilst your little ones are enjoying themselves outside, click the links below and take a look at our children’s outdoors protectors – you never know when they might come in useful!

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