Maintaining Independence With LimbO

April 25th, 2017

When a child suffers a broken bone, it’s usually caused by scampering around the rocks at the beach, falling from a climbing frame at the park or other such misadventures.


But as an adult, our breaks usually happen in more mundane circumstances; tripping on the stairs at work, falling from a chair we stood on to reach the back of the cupboard. Hardly exciting or glamorous!


Recovering from broken bones for children often means a few days off school and watching cartoons on the sofa. As an adult it also means lots of sofa time but it also means relying on others as you relinquish some responsibilities and independence.

That’s hard to do.

It may involve handing over your car keys or asking someone to carry your bag. You might need help fastening your clothes or cutting up your food. Whatever it is, there will be at least one thing you will need help with, something you usually do with ease suddenly requires assistance. We know you appreciate the help, but we also know that sometimes you just want a bit of peace and quiet so you can relax on your own.  Which is why we thought you might like to know that thanks to LimbO, you can still enjoy a bath with independence. Easy and comfortable to wear, a LimbO safely and reliably keeps your cast dry as you lie back in the bath and unwind. But don’t dismiss your helper too readily, they might need to pass you a towel!


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