Phoenix Youth Athletics are Going for Gold!

October 3rd, 2017

As you may already know, we are proud sponsors of Phoenix Youth Athletics.


One of the young talented athletes benefiting from our sponsorship is Kelsey; a shining (or should we say ‘jumping’) star who keeps bringing home the medals.  However, we are beginning to worry that the weight of all her new metal neckwear might start to slow her down!


In the past few months she has competed in the Southern Area Championships, winning gold in the triple jump, finishing fifth in the long jump and fourth in the high jump.

She has also won gold at the Sussex County Champs for triple jump and gold at the Southern Championships!   In her first ever Nationals recently she finished fifth in the triple jump.  Impressive huh?  Her dedication and determination is inspiring and we know she has a fantastic future ahead of her. 


Keep up all the hard work Phoenix! Here at LimbO we are looking forward to seeing you all shine even brighter in the coming months. Click to find out more about their club: