Taking a closer look at casts

August 22nd, 2019

Pot Look is an online patient care initiative, specifically for cast wearers. Supported by the Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance UK, Pot Look is a resource full of advice for all types of casts, as well as having information on physiotherapy and other cast-related topics.  


The cast advice section is divided into two – arm casts and leg casts. These pages are then broken down further to give information on specific casts, such as scaphoid casts or hip spica casts for example. Each type has associated information for that particular injury, there is a real wealth of information which makes Pot Look a very valuable resource for cast-wearers, or care givers of cast wearers.


As well as general information about different types of casts for different types of injury or condition, there is a physiotherapy section that has useful videos on how to get about with a leg cast, whether it is going up stairs or walking on crutches.


There’s also a section on Pot Look all about keeping orthopaedic casts dry. As we all know too well, it’s essential to not get them wet as the material that is used to make casts is porous. If the skin below the cast gets wet and can’t dry out, the skin can start to wear down or become liable to infection. Wounds that become infected can slow down or delay recovery, which is why LimbOs are a useful solution for cast wearers.


Originally set-up by locum orthopaedic practitioner Dean Chew, LimbO was involved supporting and funding the useful platform as well as helping Pot Look to exhibit at the Benecare Conference back in March. The site has since been gifted to the Orthopaedic and Trauma Alliance UK and British Orthopaedic Association.


For more information, visit www.potlook.co.uk.