Top tips for wearing a cast

May 29th, 2018

Unfortunately, wearing a cast does feel awkward and often uncomfortable. But the cast is essential to immobilise the injured area and to allow it to heal. So while you are recuperating, here are some ways to manage with that cast.


1. Keep your cast elevated

Swelling can make your cast feel tighter. To reduce swelling, if possible try to keep the injured area elevated in the first few days. Aim to keep the cast above your heart – so if the cast is on your leg, this is a great excuse to sit back with your leg elevated!


2. Don’t scratch that itch!

It can get very itchy under that cast, we’re not denying that. But you should try to avoid sticking anything under the cast to give it a scratch! Some people find it helps to blow cool air from a hairdryer into the cast, whereas others find it a relief to rub the other arm or leg to the one that is injured.

3. Keep your wardrobe safe

We have some great recommendations on how to keep your cast safe from catching or pulling clothing. If you’re out and about, try our Cast Sleeve underneath your clothes. It helps stop the cast snagging on your clothes or the rough texture rubbing on your skin.


4. Keep it dry!

Of course, this is our top tip for people wearing a cast. Bathing and showering is still essential while you’re wearing a cast, but you needn’t reach for a plastic bag and some duct tape! Our LimbO waterproof protectors mean you can get clean and have peace of mind that your cast will stay dry.