We believe Legs Matter!

May 29th, 2018

Have you heard of Legs Matter? It is a coalition of eight healthcare organisations that have come together to make sure that anyone with a lower limb or foot problem understands their condition and receives the urgent care and support they need.

We love the work they’re doing and so do many others. The healthcare organisations involved include The College of Podiatry, The British Lymphology Society , Accelerate CIC and the Tissue Viability Society – to name a few!

The website has information for both patients and family members, with information on signs to look out for, care suggestions and also information to help healthcare professionals recognise lower leg and foot problems.

The aim of Legs Matter is to help everyone take charge of their own leg and foot health, something that we’re passionate about here at LimbO. Visit the Legs Matter website at www.legsmatter.org to see how you can get involved, whether it’s sharing the message, speaking to your MP or suggesting corporate partners to help the organisation further.