Why Having a Cast is the Perfect Opportunity to Pamper Yourself.

February 22nd, 2017

If you are unfortunate enough to have broken the arm you use most, then you will soon discover that simple tasks like shaving, applying makeup or doing your hair suddenly become near impossible.

You have probably already considered making changes to your wardrobe that involve fewer buttons, zips and other fastenings, but have you thought about maintaining your manicure or plucking your eyebrows?

We thought not.

We hate to have to break it to you, but once you have a cast on, you either have to let yourself go for a few weeks (which may actually be pretty liberating), or book a few extra appointments with your beautician.

Here at LimbO we think you should embrace the opportunity for some extra self-indulgence during your recovery because we believe that making the best of a bad situation is important. Our motto is: when life gives you lemons….


… a LimbO helps you make lemonade!


Thanks to us, luxurious bubble baths are still an option, so make sure you have ordered your LimbO and switched on the hot water, because we are pretty sure that warm baths are just what the doctor ordered.

You should probably have one every day until your cast is removed.

With a book… and a glass of wine. and possibly a few candles… and another glass of wine.


Bathing leads us nicely to the topic of hairstyling. Even if you manage to wash your hair adequately with one hand, have you ever tried to wield a brush and a hairdryer at the same time with one hand? The impending results may be acceptable for daily life, but what if you have a special event or an important meeting? Unless crazy hair is your thing, do what the celebs do and book a blow dry at the salon. Sit there, relax and read a magazine whilst your tresses are tamed and transformed.


Finally, we suggest a bit of expert grooming and shaping. Yes, the ‘Cara Delavigne style brow’ is very in right now, but we bet even Cara plucks away the stragglers and strays every now and then. With your good hand out of action, plucking with your less experienced arm could be down right dangerous. So take our advice and let the professionals step in. You might as well let them give you a manicure as well. It would be rude not to!


So don’t see your cast as a hindrance, take LimbO’s advice and see it as the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself!